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1Password – A Must Have

I’ve been a avid user of 1Password from AgileWebSolutions for 5+ years, and have found it to be an indispensable tool for my computer and my iphone.  No longer do I spend time coming up with super strong passwords and remembering them for every site I have access to.  1password has been the solution for mac users only until Oct. 13th when they announced the Beta version for Windows.

Why do you need a program like 1Password?

  • Using the same password for every website you use is a really bad idea.  See this article from the NY Times.
  • Remembering a different password for every website you use is no fun.
  • You suck at coming up with good passwords.
  • You often use your computer at free wifi spots .

Got more questions?  Check out their website for all the info and their free trial version at

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